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Cosmic music on the radio

Cosmic music is an electronic music subgenre that is characterized by its otherworldly, spacey soundscapes. It emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s, influenced by the psychedelic rock and space rock genres. The music is often instrumental, with a heavy emphasis on synthesizers and sound effects that create an ethereal and hypnotic atmosphere.

Some of the most popular artists in this genre include Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Jean-Michel Jarre. Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music group that formed in 1967 and has released over 100 albums. Klaus Schulze is another German musician who is known for his innovative use of synthesizers and has been active since the 1970s. French musician Jean-Michel Jarre is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of electronic music and has released over 20 albums.

If you're looking to discover new cosmic music, there are several radio stations that specialize in this genre. Some of the most popular stations include Space Station Soma, Groove Salad, and Ambient Sleeping Pill. Space Station Soma is an internet radio station that has been broadcasting since 2000 and features a mix of ambient and electronic music. Groove Salad is another internet radio station that plays a mix of downtempo, trip-hop, and ambient music. Ambient Sleeping Pill is a non-commercial radio station that broadcasts 24/7 and plays a mix of ambient and experimental music.

Whether you're a long-time fan of cosmic music or just discovering this genre, there's plenty of great music to explore. With its otherworldly soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms, cosmic music is the perfect soundtrack for exploring the mysteries of the universe.