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Cretan music on the radio

Cretan music is a style of traditional music from the island of Crete in Greece. It is characterized by its unique sound, which includes the use of the lyra, a bowed string instrument, and the laouto, a type of lute. The music often features virtuosic instrumental passages and improvisation, and is accompanied by dance.

One of the most popular and influential Cretan musicians of all time is Nikos Xylouris, who played the lyra and sang in a distinctive, emotive style. His music helped to popularize Cretan music outside of Greece and inspired many musicians in the genre.

Other notable Cretan musicians include Psarantonis, who is known for his unconventional playing style and experimental approach to Cretan music, and Kostas Mountakis, who was known for his virtuosic lyra playing.

There are several radio stations that focus on Cretan music. One of the most popular is Radio Preveza, which broadcasts online and features a mix of Cretan and other Greek music. Radio Lehovo is another popular option, broadcasting from Crete and featuring a mix of traditional and contemporary Cretan music. Other stations that feature Cretan music include Radio Amfissa and Radio Kyperounda.