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Basque music on the radio

Basque music is a genre that comes from the Basque region, which spans the border between Spain and France. This music has a long history and is deeply tied to Basque culture, with influences from folk and traditional music. One of the most popular forms of Basque music is the "txalaparta," a percussion instrument made from wooden boards that is played by two people.

Some of the most popular Basque music artists include Kepa Junkera, who has won several awards for his accordion playing and fusion of traditional and modern music; Oskorri, a group that has been playing Basque music since the 1970s; and Ruper Ordorika, a singer-songwriter who combines Basque language and culture with modern sounds.

There are several radio stations dedicated to Basque music, including Euskadi Irratia, which broadcasts in Basque language and features a mix of Basque music, news, and cultural programming. Other stations like Gaztea and Radio Euskadi also play Basque music alongside other genres.