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Glam metal music on the radio

Glam metal, also known as hair metal, is a genre of rock music that emerged in the late 1970s and gained popularity throughout the 1980s. The music is characterized by its catchy, melodic hooks, heavy use of guitar riffs, and flamboyant stage attire. The genre reached its peak in the mid-1980s with bands such as Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, Mötley Crüe, and Poison.

Bon Jovi is one of the most well-known and successful glam metal bands, with hits such as "Livin' on a Prayer" and "You Give Love a Bad Name". Guns N' Roses' debut album, "Appetite for Destruction", remains one of the best-selling albums of all time, and features hits such as "Sweet Child o' Mine" and "Welcome to the Jungle". Mötley Crüe's "Dr. Feelgood" and Poison's "Open Up and Say... Ahh!" are also among the most iconic albums of the genre.

In addition to these popular bands, there were many other influential glam metal acts, including Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, and Warrant. These bands often incorporated elements of pop and hard rock into their music, resulting in a sound that was both commercial and heavy.

While the popularity of glam metal declined in the early 1990s with the rise of grunge and alternative rock, the genre has remained a significant influence on modern rock music. Many bands have incorporated elements of glam metal into their sound, including Avenged Sevenfold and Steel Panther.

There are several radio stations that specialize in playing glam metal music, including Hair Band Radio and Rockin' 80s. These stations feature a mix of classic and contemporary glam metal tracks, as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes information on the genre's most iconic bands.