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French pop music on the radio

French pop, also known as "chanson" in French, is a music genre that originated in France in the 19th century. It is characterized by the use of French lyrics, a blend of different musical styles, and often features poetic and emotional themes. French pop music gained popularity in the 1960s and 70s and has since produced many influential artists.

One of the most popular French pop artists is Édith Piaf. She rose to fame in the mid-20th century with her passionate, emotional style of singing and her songs about love, loss, and perseverance. Other influential French pop artists include Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, and Françoise Hardy.

French pop music has also evolved to incorporate contemporary influences such as electronic, hip hop, and world music. Artists such as Christine and the Queens, Stromae, and Zaz have gained international recognition for their unique sound and style.

In terms of radio stations, there are several French radio stations that specialize in French pop music. NRJ French Hits, RFM, and Chérie FM are popular stations that feature a mix of classic and contemporary French pop music. Additionally, French public radio station FIP often includes French pop music in its eclectic programming.