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Adult rock music on the radio

Adult Rock, also known as Triple A (Adult Album Alternative), is a radio format and music genre that caters to adult listeners who prefer a mix of rock, pop, and alternative music. This genre targets an audience that has outgrown the traditional rock and pop music and is looking for a more mature sound.

The Adult Rock genre features a wide range of artists, from newer indie acts to classic rock legends. Some of the most popular Adult Rock artists include:

1. Dave Matthews Band
2. Coldplay
3. The Black Keys
4. Mumford & Sons
5. Fleetwood Mac
6. Tom Petty
7. Bruce Springsteen
8. U2

There are several radio stations that specialize in the Adult Rock genre. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

1. SiriusXM The Spectrum - This station plays a mix of classic and contemporary Adult Rock music.
2. KFOG - This San Francisco-based station features a mix of Adult Rock and Indie music.
3. WXPN - This Philadelphia-based station is known for its World Cafe program and features a mix of Adult Rock and Folk music.
4. KINK - This Portland-based station plays a mix of Adult Rock and Alternative music.

The Adult Rock genre has gained popularity in recent years due to its diverse mix of music and its appeal to a more mature audience. If you're looking for a radio station that plays a mix of rock, pop, and alternative music, give Adult Rock a try.