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Radio stations in Thailand

Thailand has a vibrant radio scene with a wide range of stations broadcasting in both Thai and English languages. The most popular radio stations in Thailand include FM 91 Traffic Pro, a traffic and news radio station; Cool Fahrenheit 93, a popular music station; and FM 99 Active Radio, which offers a mix of music, news, and talk shows. Other notable radio stations include EFM 94, a station that focuses on business news and analysis; Virgin Hitz, a music station that plays contemporary hits; and FM 103.5 News Network, which broadcasts news and talk shows.

Popular radio programs in Thailand include "Bangkok Blend," a morning radio show on Cool Fahrenheit 93 that features a mix of music and talk; "The Rich Life Show," a financial advice program on EFM 94; and "The Morning Show," a news and current affairs program on FM 91 Traffic Pro. Other notable programs include "Virgin Countdown," a weekly countdown of the top hits on Virgin Hitz; "FM 103.5 Live," a current affairs program on FM 103.5 News Network; and "Voice of Thailand," a daily news and current affairs program in English on the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand. Overall, radio remains a popular medium in Thailand, offering a diverse range of programming for listeners across the country.