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Radio stations in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country has a diverse culture, with influences from French, Kanak, and other Pacific Islander traditions. Radio is a popular medium in New Caledonia, with a number of stations catering to various demographics.

The most popular radio stations in New Caledonia include RRB, NCI FM, and NRJ. RRB, or Radio Rythme Bleu, is a general interest station that broadcasts news, music, and entertainment programming. NCI FM focuses on Pacific Islander and Kanak music, with a mix of local and international artists. NRJ, a French-based station, offers a mix of contemporary and classic hits, as well as talk shows and news programming.

Popular radio programs in New Caledonia include news and current affairs shows such as "Le journal de Radio Rythme Bleu" on RRB and "L'actu du matin" on NCI FM. Music shows like "Les hits du moment" on NRJ and "Top 50" on RRB are also popular. Many stations also feature sports programs, with coverage of local and international events.

In addition to these mainstream stations, there are also a number of community radio stations in New Caledonia that cater to specific interests and communities. For example, Radio Djiido is a Kanak-language station that focuses on traditional music and culture, while Radio Ballade is a youth-oriented station that plays a mix of music and talk shows.

Overall, radio plays an important role in the cultural and social life of New Caledonia, with a range of stations and programs that reflect the country's diverse population and interests.