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Radio stations in Andorra la Vella parish, Andorra

The Andorra la Vella parish is one of the seven parishes in the small European country of Andorra. Located in the heart of the country, it is the capital parish and the political, cultural, and commercial center of the nation. Andorra la Vella is home to various landmarks, including the Casa de la Vall (the former parliament building), the Church of Sant Esteve, and the Plaça del Poble (the central square).

When it comes to radio stations, there are several popular ones in the Andorra la Vella parish. One of the most listened to is Radio Andorra, which broadcasts news, music, and entertainment programs. Another popular station is Flaix FM, which focuses on contemporary music and entertainment shows.

As for the most popular radio programs, there are several worth mentioning. "Els Matins de Catalunya Ràdio" is a morning talk show that covers current events and politics. "Top 50" on Flaix FM is a weekly countdown of the top 50 songs in Andorra. "El Suplement" is a weekend program that explores the latest trends in music, film, and culture.

Overall, the Andorra la Vella parish is a hub of activity and culture in Andorra, with several popular radio stations and programs to keep locals and visitors alike informed and entertained.