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Post dubstep music on the radio

Post-dubstep is a subgenre of electronic music that emerged in the late 2000s as a response to the UK's dubstep movement. This genre incorporates elements of dubstep, UK garage, and other bass-heavy electronic music styles, but with a greater emphasis on melody, atmospherics, and sub-bass frequencies.

The most popular artists in the post-dubstep genre include James Blake, Burial, Mount Kimbie, and SBTRKT. James Blake is known for his soulful vocals and minimalistic approach to production, while Burial is renowned for his use of atmospheric textures and field recordings. Mount Kimbie often blend live instrumentation with electronic beats, creating a unique sound that incorporates elements of post-rock and ambient music. SBTRKT is known for his use of masks during live performances and his fusion of house and bass music.

There are several radio stations that focus on post-dubstep music, such as Rinse FM, NTS Radio, and Sub FM. Rinse FM is a London-based radio station that has been at the forefront of UK bass music for over two decades. NTS Radio is an online radio station that features a diverse range of music, including post-dubstep, experimental, and underground genres. Sub FM is a UK-based online radio station that specializes in bass-heavy electronic music, including post-dubstep, dub, and garage. These stations provide an excellent platform for up-and-coming artists in the post-dubstep genre to showcase their work and connect with fans.