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Disco funk music on the radio

Disco Funk is a genre of music that combines the elements of disco and funk. It emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s and was popularized by artists such as Chic, Kool & the Gang, and Earth, Wind & Fire. The music is characterized by its upbeat tempo, danceable rhythm, and use of brass and percussion instruments. The lyrics typically revolve around themes of love, relationships, and having a good time.

Chic is one of the most influential bands in the Disco Funk genre. Their hits include "Le Freak," "Good Times," and "I Want Your Love." Kool & the Gang is another popular band known for their hits "Celebration," "Get Down On It," and "Ladies Night." Earth, Wind & Fire is also a major influence in the genre with hits like "September," "Let's Groove," and "Shining Star."

Today, Disco Funk has experienced a resurgence in popularity with artists like Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, and Mark Ronson incorporating the sound into their music.

Radio stations that play Disco Funk music include Disco Factory FM, Funkytown Radio, and Disco Hits. These stations play classic Disco Funk tracks as well as newer releases by contemporary artists.