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Deutsch rap music on the radio

Deutsch rap, also known as German rap, has been gaining popularity in recent years as a subgenre of hip-hop music. It originated in the 1980s in Germany and has since evolved to include various styles and subgenres, such as gangsta rap, conscious rap, and trap. Some of the most popular Deutsch rap artists include Kool Savas, Fler, Bushido, and Capital Bra. These artists are known for their unique style, lyrics, and beats that reflect the German culture and language.

There are several radio stations dedicated to Deutsch rap, including 16bars, which features the latest Deutsch rap hits and interviews with popular artists. Other stations include bigFM Deutschrap, Germania One, and rap2soul, which offer a mix of old and new Deutsch rap songs. These stations are popular among fans of the genre and provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their music. Overall, Deutsch rap continues to be a vibrant and growing genre in the German music scene.