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Czech folk music on the radio

Czech folk music is a traditional genre of music that has been passed down through generations. It is characterized by the use of acoustic instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, dulcimer, and clarinet. The genre has a rich history dating back to the 19th century and has evolved to include various styles and sub-genres.

One of the most popular artists in the Czech folk music scene is Jiri Pavlica and his band Hradišťan. Their unique sound blends traditional Czech instruments with modern elements to create a distinctive and captivating sound. Other notable artists include Druhá Tráva, Jitka Šuranská Trio, and Cimbálová Muzika.

For those who want to explore the world of Czech folk music further, there are several radio stations that specialize in the genre. Radio Vltava offers a range of programs that feature Czech folk music, including live performances and interviews with artists. Radio Proglas and Radio Český Rozhlas 3 - Vltava also offer regular programs dedicated to the genre.

Overall, Czech folk music is a vibrant and unique genre that continues to thrive in the modern era. Its rich history and diverse range of artists make it a fascinating and rewarding genre to explore.