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Radio stations in Taiwan

Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, has a vibrant media landscape with a wide range of radio stations catering to different tastes and preferences. The most popular radio stations in Taiwan include Hit FM, FM 96.9, ICRT FM 100, and Kiss Radio. Hit FM is a Mandarin language radio station that broadcasts a mix of music and talk shows. FM 96.9 is a Taiwanese language radio station that mainly plays Taiwanese pop music. ICRT FM 100 is a popular English-language radio station that plays a mix of international and local music and provides news updates, while Kiss Radio plays a mix of pop and rock music.

In addition to music, many popular radio programs in Taiwan are focused on news and current affairs. Some of the top news programs include the morning news show on ICRT FM 100 and the evening news show on New Taipei City Radio. Other popular programs include talk shows, sports programs, and entertainment shows. One of the most popular talk shows in Taiwan is "The Wang Niu Show," which covers a wide range of topics and features celebrity guests.

Overall, radio remains an important medium of communication and entertainment in Taiwan, with a diverse range of programs and stations catering to a wide audience.