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Radio stations in Suriname

Suriname, a country on the northeastern coast of South America, has a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities that are reflected in its media landscape, including radio. One of the most popular radio stations in Suriname is Radio 10, which features a mix of music and talk shows, including sports news, political discussions, and cultural programming. Another popular station is Sky Radio, which focuses mainly on music, including pop, rock, and reggae. A third popular station is Apintie Radio, which features news, talk shows, and music, and is known for its lively call-in programs.

One of the most popular radio programs in Suriname is the "Praatpaal" talk show on Radio 10, which discusses a range of social and political issues affecting the country. Another popular program is "Soul Night" on Sky Radio, which plays a mix of classic and contemporary soul music. "Dollars and Sense" on Apintie Radio is a popular business and finance program that provides listeners with insights and analysis on economic trends and investment opportunities in Suriname and the wider region. Finally, "Radio Bakana" is a popular program that celebrates the country's rich cultural heritage through music and storytelling.