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Radio stations in Samoa

Samoa, officially known as the Independent State of Samoa, is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean. There are several radio stations in Samoa, but the most popular ones include Radio Polynesia, Magic FM, and 2AP. Radio Polynesia broadcasts in both Samoan and English, and its programming includes news, sports, talk shows, and music. Magic FM is a commercial radio station that plays a mix of Samoan and international music. 2AP is the national radio station of Samoa and has been broadcasting since 1947. It broadcasts a mix of news, current affairs, music, and cultural programs.

One of the most popular radio programs in Samoa is the "Breakfast Show" on Radio Polynesia. This program provides listeners with news updates, weather reports, and interviews with local and international personalities. Another popular program is the "Midday Mix" on Magic FM, which features a mix of popular Samoan and international songs. Additionally, 2AP has several popular programs, including "Talanoa o le Tautai," a cultural program that explores traditional Samoan customs and practices, and "Pacific Drive," which features news and current affairs from around the Pacific region.