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Radio stations in Martinique

Martinique is an island in the Caribbean Sea and is an overseas region of France. The island has a vibrant culture and a variety of music styles, including zouk, reggae, and soca. The most popular radio stations in Martinique include RCI Martinique, NRJ Antilles, and Radio Martinique 1ère. RCI Martinique is the largest station on the island, broadcasting a mix of local and international music, news, and cultural programs. NRJ Antilles plays the latest hits from around the world, while Radio Martinique 1ère offers a mix of news, talk, and music in French and Creole.

One of the most popular radio programs in Martinique is "Les Matinales de RCI", which airs on RCI Martinique every weekday morning. The program features news updates, interviews with local personalities, and a variety of music genres. Another popular program is "Succès Zouk", which plays a mix of zouk music, a genre that originated in the French Caribbean islands. "Rythmes Antilles" on NRJ Antilles is also a hit with listeners, featuring a mix of reggae, soca, and other Caribbean music styles. Finally, "Les Carnets de l'Outre-mer" on Radio Martinique 1ère is a popular talk show that discusses news and cultural issues affecting the French overseas territories in the Caribbean and around the world.