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Radio stations in Nanjing

Nanjing, located in the eastern part of China, is one of the country's major cultural and economic centers. The city is also known for its vibrant media industry, which includes several popular radio stations. Among the most popular radio stations in Nanjing is FM 99.3, which primarily broadcasts news, talk shows, and music programs. FM 101.8 is another popular radio station in the city, known for its music programs and celebrity interviews. Other notable radio stations in Nanjing include FM 98.9, FM 100.7, and AM 1053.

In terms of radio programs, Nanjing features a variety of shows catering to different interests. One popular program is "Good Morning Nanjing," which airs on FM 99.3 and provides news, weather, and traffic updates along with music and talk segments. "Nanjing Nightlife," which airs on FM 101.8, features local celebrities and covers various events and hotspots in the city. For those interested in Chinese culture, the program "Chinese Bridge" on FM 98.9 offers insights into the country's language, history, and customs. Another popular program is "Happy Music," which plays a mix of upbeat music on FM 100.7.