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Radio stations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city that's home to some of the most diverse and exciting radio stations in the world. Among the most popular stations are RTHK Radio 2, Metro Radio, and Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK), which offer a wide range of programming catering to different interests and tastes.

RTHK Radio 2 is a government-run radio station that broadcasts in Cantonese and English. Its programming is diverse and includes news, current affairs, music, and cultural content. The station is known for its popular shows such as "Hong Kong Connection," which examines social issues in the city, and "City Forum," which focuses on local politics.

Metro Radio is a commercial radio station that plays a mix of Cantonese and Mandarin pop music, along with news and lifestyle content. The station is especially popular among young listeners and is known for its lively morning show "Morning Banana."

CRHK is another popular commercial radio station that broadcasts in Cantonese. It offers a mix of music, news, and entertainment content, with popular shows like "So Happy" and "Good Night, Hong Kong" which features celebrity interviews and discussions on current topics.

Aside from these stations, there are also several other local stations catering to specific interests, such as D100, a music station that focuses on the latest international hits, and RTHK Radio 3, which offers English-language programming including news, current affairs, and music.

Overall, Hong Kong's radio scene is rich and diverse, with programming that caters to different audiences and interests, making it an essential part of the city's cultural landscape.