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Radio stations in Cairo

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, has a vibrant radio scene with a variety of stations catering to different interests and demographics. Among the most popular radio stations in Cairo are Nile FM, Nogoum FM, Radio Masr, and Mega FM.

Nile FM is an English-language radio station that plays a mix of Western and Arabic pop music, as well as news and talk shows. It is known for its lively hosts and interactive content, such as music requests and audience participation segments.

Nogoum FM is an Arabic-language station that features a mix of modern and classic Arabic music, as well as talk shows and news programs. It is particularly popular among younger audiences and is known for its upbeat, high-energy programming.

Radio Masr is a news and talk radio station that focuses on current events and politics in Egypt and the Middle East. It features interviews with politicians and experts, as well as analysis and commentary on the latest news stories.

Mega FM is another popular Arabic-language station that plays a mix of music and talk shows. It is known for its wide range of programming, which includes everything from celebrity gossip to sports news to political analysis.

Other notable radio stations in Cairo include 90s FM, which plays a mix of 90s pop hits, and Radio Hits, which features the latest Western and Arabic pop music. Additionally, many international radio stations, such as BBC World Service and Radio France International, have Arabic-language broadcasts that can be heard in Cairo.