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Radio stations in Baghdad

Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq and one of the largest cities in the Middle East. It has a vibrant radio culture with many popular radio stations catering to various interests and tastes. Some of the most popular radio stations in Baghdad are Al Rasheed Radio, Voice of Iraq, Radio Dijla, and Radio Sawa Iraq. Al Rasheed Radio is a state-run station that broadcasts news, music, and other programs. Voice of Iraq is another state-run station that broadcasts news and cultural programs. Radio Dijla is a private station that plays music and has talk shows on various topics, including politics, culture, and sports. Radio Sawa Iraq is a US government-funded station that broadcasts news and music aimed at a young audience.

There are many radio programs in Baghdad that cater to the diverse interests of its population. One popular program is "Al-Qalaa," which means "The Fortress." It is a daily program that covers cultural, social, and historical topics related to Baghdad and Iraq. Another popular program is "Al-Mustaqbal," which means "The Future." It is a weekly program that discusses political and social issues affecting Iraq's future. Other popular programs include "Al-Sabah al-Jadeed," which means "The New Morning," a daily news program, and "Sahret Baghdad," which means "The Night of Baghdad," a program that plays music and takes requests from listeners.

Overall, radio plays an important role in the cultural and social life of Baghdad, providing a platform for news, entertainment, and cultural expression.